Idiom:  take forever and a day

idiom take forever and a day


Idiom:  take forever and a day

  • to happen a lot more slowly or require a much longer time than desired

Note:  In this phrase "forever" is used as an exaggeration.

Example sentences

— She looks great but it takes forever and a day for my girlfriend to do her "natural" makeup look.

— Did it take forever and a day to speak to someone in reservations? I waited on the phone for an hour and then I gave up.

— This internet sucks. It's taking forever and a day to load a single page.

— Not only does it take forever and a day to get seen at the emergency room but it's also the perfect place to catch a new illness.

— Can we order carryout to pick up instead of going to a restaurant. It takes forever and a day to get a table.

— Getting into the club took forever and a day and now you want to leave already?

— It's going to take forever and a day to line up a keynote speaker for the conference so please start making calls this week.

— Why does it take forever and a day for you to get your homework done each evening? I will disconnect the internet and take your phone if you continue.

— Baking from scratch takes forever and a day. I like freshly baked cookies though so I buy the dough already prepared.

— Although it took forever and a day to become a homeowner, it was totally worth the wait.

— My dog always senses when I'm late for work and takes forever and a day, circling around and around, to find the perfect place to go to the bathroom.

— It took forever and a day for the tow truck to come but I had no desire to change a spare tire in the rain.


  • take forever
  • drag on

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