Idiom:  take action


idiom:  take action

  • to do or start something
  • to act in order to achieve a result

Example sentences

  • After years of complaining, the secretary finally took action and quit her job.
  • The community decided to take action and begin cleaning the park themselves rather than waiting for the local government to handle the situation.
  • We need leaders who will take action and not make promises they can't keep.
  • I think my best quality for this sales position is that I take action and follow through without needing to be told what to do.
  • When I saw the man choking I immediately took action, without even thinking.
  • I admire people who take action and pursue their wildest dreams instead of just thinking about them.
  • It's time we finally take action and get those kids away from their abusive father.
  • My neighbor was awarded a key to the city for taking action and organizing an annual charity event to benefit needy children.


  • step in
  • get involved

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