Idiom:  tail off


Idiom:  tail off

  • to gradually become quieter or lessen in amount, intensity, or level

Example sentences

— Could you please repeat your question? Your voice tailed off at the end and I couldn’t hear you.

— The fastest runners sprinted ahead of the pack and the slowest runners tailed off at the halfway mark.

— You could tell by the way she tailed off at the end of her question that she regretted asking it.

— The applause never tailed off so the band came back to play a third encore.

— Our sales normally tail off during July and increase again in September.

— My son's visits home have tailed off to once every few years.

— I could hear mom screaming but her voice slowly tailed off as we rode away on our bikes.

— I thought I'd always love football but my interest tailed off after college.

— His service speed began to tail off in the fifth set of the tennis match.

— After two quarters of record growth, profits tailed off to three percent this quarter.

My enthusiasm for reality television tailed off once I found a job and didn't have a lot of time to waste.

— When my boyfriend's texts and calls started to tail off, I knew he was interested in someone else.


  • drop off
  • fade away/out
  • die down
  • dry up
  • fall off

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