Idiom:  sweep someone off their feet


Idiom:  sweep someone off their feet

  • to make someone fall quickly and completely in love with you

Example sentences

— My brother has perfected the art of sweeping girls off their feet—and then dumping them a few months later.

— My husband swept me off my feet when I met him while on holiday in Belize. 

— I met this guy on the plane and he swept me off my feet but I found out later he was actually married with children.

— I'm going to Paris for two months and I hope someone will sweep me off my feet.

— My daughter met someone who's swept her off her feet and we're waiting impatiently to meet him because it sounds very serious.

— Oh, to be young again and swept off my feet by a charming young man.

— Our grandfather met our grandmother in junior high school and sweep her off her feet by buying her a rose every day for one week.

— Everyone was so jealous when this German guy swept me off my feet—until he disappeared and I never heard from him again.


  • put someone under a spell

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