Idiom:  swan song


Idiom:  swan song

  • the last or final work, effort or performance

Note:  In ancient mythology, it was said that swans are silent most of their lives but sing beautifully before they die. This expression is therefore used to describe someone's final work (e.g., artistical or other performance or project) before they die or retire from their craft.

Example sentences

— This game is our swan song so let's win it!

— The singer announced the concert would be her swan song.

— If I had known this play would be my swan song I would have tried to enjoy it more.

— The varsity cheerleading squad is doing their swan song at tomorrow's senior day.

— My whole life has revolved around playing football so I have no idea what I'll do after our swan song.

— She says this is her swan song but there have been many tennis players who have come back from retirement in the past few years.

— My boss resigned yesterday so that keynote speech was his swan song.

— I don't even care that my swan song at this firm was a failure. I hate this industry and am looking forward to my career switch.

— The author's swan song was a novel that finally brought her the success she had wanted her entire life.

— I kept praying that the injury I sustained during my performance would not make the event the swan song of my gymnastics career.


  • last hurrah
  • crowning achievement

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