Idiom:  stuff one's face


Idiom:  stuff one's face

  • to eat a lot of food

Example sentences

— You're going to gain a lot of weight if you keep stuffing your face late at night.

— stuffed my face on pizza and beer and now I feel awful. 

— In the United States, people stuff their faces all day long so it's no wonder the majority of them are obese.

— We stuffed our faces over the holidays and our bodies are now craving healthy foods.

— My coworker stuffs her face all day long so I'm glad they just made a policy where we can only eat in the kitchen instead of at our desks.

— We're going to stuff our faces at brunch tomorrow—want to join us?

— It's really hard to stay on my diet when my family stuffs their faces on junk food all evening long.

— The reception was really nice. We drank champagne and stuffed our faces on mini crab cakes, oysters, caviar, pâté and crostini.

— I stuffed my face over the holidays and gained 10 pounds.


  • scarf down
  • eat like a horse
  • pig out

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