Idiom:  step on it (the gas)


Idiom:  step on it / step on the gas

  • to work quickly or hurry to complete something
  • to go somewhere quickly

Example sentences

— You better step on it if you want to mail the letter by 5 pm.

— You’re finished? Yeah, I stepped on the gas and completed it an hour ago. 

— I'm tired of being asked to step on the gas because of other people's disorganization. It's very unfair.

— No matter how fast we work, our manager tells us to step on it—it's really demoralizing.

— Step on it! We're going to be late and miss the kickoff.

— Tell the taxi driver to step on the gas or we'll miss our flight. 

— Everyone please step on it. If we don't finish the job within the hour, we'll lose this client.

— I need you to stop talking and step on it. Once the store's cleaned we can all leave.

— If another customer yells at me to step on it, I'm going to quit this job.


  • hurry up
  • get moving
  • get a move on

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