Idiom:  stack the deck against someone


Idiom:  stack the deck against someone / have the deck stacked against someone

  • to make arrangements so it’s very difficult for somebody to achieve something
  • to face difficult and unfair circumstances when trying to achieve something

Example sentences

— I wanted to succeed at my new job but my boss was jealous and stacked the deck against me.

— Poor families have the deck stacked against them when they look for housing.

— Which people can hire good lawyers to represent them against drug charges but the average citizen has the deck stacked against them in court.

— The deck was stacked against me because I didn't have much experience so I volunteered as an unpaid intern at the company and proved I could do the work.

— The deck was stacked against Arthur Ashe when he first started playing tennis due to racial discrimination but he became a grand slam champion.

— Empirical studies have proven corporations stack the deck against women in terms of salaries, benefits and opportunities for promotions.

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