Idiom:  speak volumes


Idiom:  speak volumes

  • to express something clearly without the use of words
  • to indirectly be a clear example of something

Example sentences

— The dirty looks and silence between them speak volumes about their relationship.

— The fact that three of your four children are in medical school speaks volumes about your parenting skills.

— I don't know my neighbor well but the kind way she treats her housekeeper speaks volumes about what she must be like as a person.

— You'd think all the disorganization in my boss' office would speak volumes about his work but he can find anything when he needs it and is very effective at his job.

— The high turnover in this department speaks volumes about the manager.

— The hundreds of people who attended your grandfather's funeral speak volumes about what a wonderful person he was.

— The lack of a single woman or minority on their board of directors and management team speaks volumes.


  • says something about

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