Idiom:  someone's days are numbered


Idiom:  someone’s / something’s days are numbered

  • someone or something will not exist or function a short time from now

Example sentences

— I’ve had these boots for three years and I love them but unfortunately their days are numbered.

— I think our housekeeper's days are numbered—she's always late and the quality of her cleaning is not very good anymore. 

— I need to get a new refrigerator soon. Mine is making weird noises so I think its days are numbered.

— I thought my car's days were numbered 20,000 miles ago but it's still running.

— Polls are showing our senator's days are numbered in Congress.

— Thankfully our receptionist's days are numbered—if she's late one more time she'll be sacked.

— When the vet said our dog's days were numbered, my daughter and I burst into tears.

— My watch stopped again and I just changed the battery so I think its days are numbered.

— If you get into another fight, your days will be numbered at this school. This is your last warning.

— Now that I didn't get the promotion, I've decided my days here are numbered and I will find another job.

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