Idiom:  someone has got game


Idiom:  someone has got game

  • to be really good at doing something, especially sports

Example sentences

— My sister not only plays basketball but she’s got game too.

— "Is that your star player?" "Yes, he's got game!"

— The quarterback of our football team's really got game—too bad he got suspended for doing drugs.

— If you think I'm good at Super Mario Odyssey wait until you see my mother. She's seriously got game.

— Let's see if your assistant will play softball again this season. She really had game last year.

— We're looking for a fourth person to play doubles this weekend. If you know anyone who's got game please let me know.

— Your father's still got game. Back in high school all the cheerleaders on his football team wanted to date him but he was secretly interested in me.

— I'm betting on Germany to win the World Cup this year. They've got game!

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