Idiom:  see the glass half full


Idiom:  see the glass half full

  • to see a situation as more positive than negative

Example sentences

  • I hate people who always see the glass half full—they're so annoying!
  • When I was depressed it was very hard for me to see the glass half full.
  • My boyfriend is so refreshing because he always sees the glass half full.
  • Some people think that you're either born seeing the glass half full or not but I assure you you can develop this point of view.
  • Our financial situation is bleak but let's try to see the glass half-full—we can save money and lose a lot of weight eating at home instead of at restaurants.
  • I wish more people around here could see the glass half-full some of the time. It's such a depressing place to work. 
  • Your commute it's really long but try to see the glass half-full—you could listen to a lot of books on tape or learn a foreign language while you drive to and from work.


  • see the glass half empty

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