Idiom:  sea change


Idiom:  sea change

  • a complete change or transformation

Example sentences

— There's been a sea change in thinking about sexual harassment and assault since the "Me too" and "Time's up" movements.

— In most of the world, there's been a sea change in popular opinion about global warming, except for conservative Republicans in the United States.

— There was a sea change in the number of people who voted for progressive candidates in the last election.

— Since smoking has been banned in public areas in many countries, there's been a sea change in the number of cigarette smokers.

— There's going to be a sea change in relationships as virtual and integrated technologies develop.

— Since social media became widely used, there's been a sea change in the way people present themselves to friends and the public. 

— There's a sea change underway of how people view religion, with Canada increasingly becoming a more secular culture.

— Uber's peer-to-peer ride-sharing has brought a sea change to transportation.


  • paradigm shift

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