Idiom:  score points


Idiom:  score points

  • To gain advantage over other people by doing something to make people like or support you.

Example sentences

— Do you really think you’re scoring points by laughing so loudly at the boss’ jokes?

— My sister always tries to score points with my dad by giving him hugs and kisses and calling him “daddy.”

— Sheila thinks she's scoring points by bringing donuts to the office on Monday's but she doesn't realize the boss is on a diet and that it makes her angry.

— You always try to score cheap points by complimenting mom's awful cooking every Thanksgiving.

— I used to buy flowers but I discovered it's cheaper to score points with my girlfriend by just sitting with her for an hour a few days a week and listening to her stupid stories.

— It's hilarious to watch my team try to score points with me after I announced a new position in our department.

— Jeremy is so hot! Every girl at school loves him. How can I score points with him?

— I seriously doubt you're going to score many points by doing that guy's homework for him. He's got a girlfriend so he's just using you.

— Elif scored points with the director by volunteering to take notes at his meeting today. I'm going to casually tell him we still haven't received her figures for the annual report.

— I'm going to score points with my math teacher by baking him a pie on Pi day.

 Let's score points with our employees by giving them shorter summer hours. We're not busy and it will improve morale.


  • get ahead of the game
  • take advantage of something
  • make the most of something
  • seize an opportunity
  • be onto a good thing
  • in the right place at the right time
  • never miss a trick

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