Idiom:  say your piece

idiom say your piece meaning


Idiom:  say your piece

  • to say exactly what you want to say; 
  • to be able to express your opinion honestly

Example sentences

— I asked the manager to meet with me for 15 minutes so I could say my piece.

— I really didn’t want to see her again but I knew it would never end until she had a chance to say her piece.

— I waited patiently to say my piece at the meeting but the moderator ignored me. Finally, I grabbed the microphone and explained whey the project proposal was a bad idea.

— You now have five minutes to say your piece. After that, the director will make his recommendation.

— The floor is now yours if you want to say your piece.

— The judge asked the defendant if he wanted to say his piece before the victims gave their impact statements.

— That's enough! You've already said your piece but we're not impressed. Next time call us and get permission instead of breaking your curfew.

— What happened? In January, Joe said his piece and I said mine. That's the last I heard from him so I was shocked to hear he had died after battling cancer for six months.

— I won't bother saying my piece because you refuse to listen. 

— We were all very surprised when the receptionist said her piece. Her idea was the best by far and she gained a lot of respect from the team.

— All the workers want to do is say their piece in front of the CEO. He really needs to meet with them and listen.


  • sound off
  • get/be on your soapbox
  • not pull any punches
  • have your say
  • put/lay your cards on the table
  • give/put in your two cents' worth

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