Idiom:  Save the day


Idiom:  save the day

  • to solve a big problem for someone
  • to do something that prevents someone from being embarrassed
  • to help someone from getting in trouble or failing at doing something

Example sentences

  • I was really sick and couldn’t study last night but my girlfriend saved the day and wrote my English essay for me.
  • My baby wouldn't stop crying on the plane so the woman sitting next to me saved the day when she asked if she could hold him. Within a minute he was asleep in her arms. 
  • Our new intern really saved the day. She knows Adobe Illustrator really well and was able to create some custom graphics for our annual conference.
  • I was really embarrassed but very pleased when my boss told everybody at the all-hands meeting that I had saved the day by noticing errors in the annual report just before it went to the printer.
  • Thank you again for saving the day. My meeting was running really late and I was so worried about getting to the day care center to pick up the kids by 5 o'clock.
  • After my surgery, my neighbors saved the day by cooking a number of meals for my family.
  •  I highly recommend that you hire Samantha.  Let me tell you about several times she saved the day for our firm.
  • I know it would be very stressful for you to appear in court but your testimony would save the day for your ex-husband.
  • Cooper is the best dog we've ever had. He saved the day by fighting off a mountain lion that came into our backyard while we were barbecuing at our cabin.
  • My aunt is so kind. She saved the day by buying my girlfriend a beautiful gown for the prom.


  • save someone's neck

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