Idiom:  save face


Idiom:  save face

  • to avoid embarrassment or humiliation and preserve dignity
  • to keep the respect of others after something humiliating

Example sentences

— Telling the truth to your parents about your failing grades will help you save face.

— He tried to save face by apologizing but everyone was too angry with him to care.

— I wanted to save face with my colleagues by explaining why I've been late for every day but I need to wait until three months of my pregnancy have passed. 

— saved face after using sick leave for my vacation by working unpaid overtime after someone told my boss I was in Mexico. 

— What can I do to save face? I don't want my children to think they can't trust me.

— Our client's account was more than 90 days past due but I allowed him to save face by saying he must not have received the notice about our new payment procedures.

— In international diplomacy, it's often important to allow other countries to find a way to save face in order to successfully conclude negotiations or avoid major conflicts.


  • preserve one's honor

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