Idiom:  rush hour


Idiom:  rush hour

  • a busy time when people are traveling to or from work


- Use "rush hour" as a noun

- Use "rush-hour" as an adjective (before a noun)

Example sentences

— There's so much traffic that it takes me 45 minutes to get to work by bus during rush hour and only 15 minutes to walk.

— We're driving to the beach on Friday so we have to leave early to avoid rush-hour traffic.

— I can believe the price of a one-way rush-hour train ticket! How can anyone afford to take public transportation to work?

— If you leave now, you'll beat rush-hour traffic and it should only take you half an hour to get across town.

— There's a 40% surcharge to take the metro during rush hour.

— Tourists really shouldn't take the subway during rush hour, especially when they have no idea where to go or how to use the ticket machines.

— My company allows me to telecommute three days a week so it's great to not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of rush hour on those days.

— Rush hour really isn't bad during the summer holidays when everyone's on vacation and the kids are out of school.

— Actually, rush hour doesn't bother me that much. It gives me the time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

— You call this rush hour? Traffic is like this all the time in Istanbul!

— I would never be able to deal with all of the road rage during rush hour. It's too stressful.


  • peak hour
  • drive time

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