Idiom:  run out of gas


Idiom:  run out of gas

  • to completely lose the energy to finish something or continue

Example sentences

— By the time John reached mile five of the marathon, he’d already run out of gas.

— I’m going to stay up late to finish this report unless I run out of gas.

— Does anyone else want me to get them a cup of coffee? I'm running out of gas.

— I'm going to go inside and prepare dinner before everybody runs out of gas.

— You better pace yourself doing all that yard work and take some breaks or you're going to run out of gas.

— Everyone was really excited and enthusiastic at the beginning of our fund-raising campaign but by the third day half the team had already run out of gas.

— You all look like you're running out of gas so let's end the meeting now and reconvene tomorrow morning. 

— I tried cardio tennis for the first time this morning and I ran out of gas after just 15 minutes.


  • fall away
  • lose steam

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