Idiom:  risk one’s neck


Idiom:  risk one’s neck

  • to do something risky or dangerous

Example sentences

  • Please get down from that chair and get a ladder—you’re risking your neck trying to hang the lights that way.
  • When you drive drunk you’re not only risking your own neck but you also could hurt someone else.
  • Our daughter is a gymnast and risks her neck doing difficult balance beam routines.
  • Now that you're a father you need to think carefully about risking your neck with your motorcycle tricks.
  • The pilot risked our necks with the flight path he chose.
  • You're really risking your neck living without health insurance.
  • Sorry but I'd never risk my neck going down a double black diamond ski slope. 
  • I risked my neck driving through the ice storm to get here and you don't even appreciate it.


  • live on the edge
  • flirt with danger / disaster
  • sacrifice / risk life and limb
  • live dangerously
  • run the risk (of something)
  • put one's neck on the line
  • up the ante

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