Idiom:  right up one’s alley


Idiom:  right up one’s alley / up one's alley

  • an activity someone likes and is good at
  • exactly right for someone
  • especially suited for someone's interests or abilities

Example sentences

— I hate fixing things but luckily home repair is up my wife’s alley.

— Cooking is right up her alley so she decided to quit her job and open a catering business.

— I would think the school choir would be right up your alley since you sing at church.

— My husband can help. Fixing cars is right up his alley.

— When you said swimming was up your sister's alley I had no idea she won a silver Olympic medal!

— Don't be modest. Search engine optimization is right up your alley and I want you to lead the project for the company.

— I'm not sure what my son will do when he graduates but public speaking is right up his alley.

— We thought taking a tour of Europe would be up our alley but we hated most of our fellow travelers.

— Try snowboarding. I'm sure it will be right up your alley.

— A: Would you like to go with me to see "Wicked?"  B: Yes! Broadway musicals are right up my alley!


  • (right) down my alley
  • right up one's street

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