Idiom:  play games


Idiom:  play games

  • to lie or behave dishonestly

Example sentences

— I know my boyfriend is playing games with me because my friend saw him talking to another girl last night but he said he was at home.

— We told our son that if he continued to play games we wouldn't let him go to summer camp.

— Don't play games with me again or you won't be able to see your friends this weekend. 

— My Dior eyeshadow palate is missing and I used it before we left the house. The babysitter said she hasn't seen it—do you think she's playing games with us?

— When I was in high school I admit I played games, skipping school and paying someone to write my papers.

— Someone in this department is playing games and our manager is now installing cameras all over the office.

— I'd never want to repeat college again.  All the guys and girls were playing games with each other constantly which was so unnecessary.

— Why are you playing games with me? I know that you were not at the office this evening because I stopped by there myself.


  • fool with
  • mess with
  • lead on
  • run a game on
  • take for a ride
  • pull someone's leg

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