Idiom:  play a joke on someone


Idiom:  play a joke on someone

  • to do something to make someone feel embarrassed or dumb

Example sentences

  • My friends played a joke on me pretending I wasn't invited to a party and I was in tears.
  • My boyfriend always plays jokes on his friends but he gets really upset when they do the same to him.
  • We played a joke on my sister by putting salt in the sugar dish.
  • This time, please don't play any jokes on your grandmother while she's here.
  • My brothers are always playing jokes on my sister and I but we got them back today.
  • My co-workers played a joke on me by wrapping my entire desk in plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
  • We're playing a joke on Samantha by pretending we forgot her birthday but we've planned a huge surprise party for her this evening.
  • I'm sorry that hurt your feelings, we were just trying to play a little joke on you


  • poke fun at someone
  • play a trick on someone
  • pull someone's leg

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