Idiom:  pass judgment


Idiom:  pass judgment on someone/something

  • to make a strong opinion, especially criticizing someone or something

Example sentences

— Dad, before you pass judgment on my boyfriend, I want to tell you he’s a straight-A student and his father’s a doctor.

— I never pass judgment on other people until I've learned more about them.

— When we go to China, I recommend that you don't pass judgment on the food until you've had a chance to try it.

— You shouldn’t pass judgment on a religion you know nothing about.

— Don’t pass judgment on my new girlfriend until you actually meet her.

— I hate it when people pass judgement on me just because I'm a model.

— I try not to pass judgment on people until I've gotten to know them.

— Let's wait until we get more information before passing judgement on whether or not this marketing campaign is a flop.

— How can you pass judgement on sushi when you've never tried it?

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  • sit in judgment

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