Idiom:  owe it to someone


Idiom:  owe it to someone to do something

  • you have an obligation or duty to do something for someone

Example sentences

— You owe it to yourself to take better care of your health.

— My son owes it to me to tell the truth about what he spent his college tuition on.

— I really owe it to you for taking over my shift at the last minute Friday night.

— After working everyday for the past 18 months you owe it to yourself to take a vacation.

— If feel like I owe it to my girlfriend to wait and break up with her after final exams are finished. I don't want to cause her more stress.

— Sorry but I can't go with you. I owe it to my mom to be home for Thanksgiving this year.

— I think our boss owes it to us to say whether the company is going to do major layoffs.

— It was so difficult but I owed it to my wife to move on and get a divorce when I felt there was nothing I could do to repair our marriage.

— You owe it to me to be honest doctor. Do you suspect I have cancer? 

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