Idiom:  out of thin air


idiom:  out of thin air   

  • something unexpected that seems to come from nowhere
  • without warning
  • from nothing

Example sentences

— When my students are late for class they make up excuses out of thin air.

— I was so lucky that just when I needed it, my aunt sent me $200 out of thin air.

— If you want me to make dinner for guests then give me some money for groceries. I can't cook a meal out of thin air.

— The Four Seasons hotel is amazing. The service is so good that just when you need something someone appears out of thin air to help you.

— Of course I woke up this morning and there was a huge pimple on my nose out of thin air and we have class pictures today.

— We heard someone scream loudly and two gunshots and in less than a minute three cop cars pulled up to our building out of thin air.

— My boss expects me to make his travel arrangements out of thin air but it's really difficult to get direct flights at the last minute.

— Your boyfriend is so funny he can always come with some great jokes out of thin air.

— We asked the waiter for the bill five times and finally we just started putting on our coats like we were going to leave the restaurant and the bill suddenly appeared out of thin air.

— I went to the doctor this morning because I noticed a lump had appeared out of thin air and I'm scared because he wants to do a biopsy.

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  • out of the blue
  • from nowhere

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