Idiom:  open to something


Idiom:  open to something

  • willing to consider something

Example sentences

— I’m open to suggestions about how we divide up the work for this project.

— If you’re open to seeing houses in other neighborhoods there are more properties in your price range.

— Our organization provides a neutral forum open to diverse opinions.

— Are you open to a lower salary in exchange for profit sharing opportunities?

— We're open to any advice you might be able to provide for buying properties overseas.

— My parents are not open to letting me marry someone from another background.

— How can you talk like that about Muslims? I thought you were open to people from other cultures and faiths.

— You're not really open to eating anything other than American cuisine are you?

— We'd like to hold the conference during the first week of April but we're open to other dates in the spring.

— Are you open to working evenings and weekends when needed?

— Are you open to bangs? They would frame your face really nicely.


  • ready, willing and able

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