Idiom:  only too


Idiom:  only too

  1. used to say something is true or exists to a greater degree than you would like
  2. used to say you are very willing to do something

Example sentences

  • The auto mechanic was only too happy to recommend repairs I didn’t need.
  • I’d be only too pleased to join you for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • My son was only too happy to give up practicing the violin so we didn't let him quit.
  • Unfortunately, my girlfriend was only too ready to get married and have kids.
  • Our receptionist was only too eager to flirt with some of our clients so we had to let her go after just one month.
  • My new assistant is only too ready to take over my job.
  • We'd be only too happy to come to your wedding.
  • Thank you so much. I'm only too honored to be baby Elizabeth's Godmother.
  • Yes, of course! I'm only too grateful to be chosen to participate in the concert.

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