Idiom:  only just


Idiom:  only just

  • used to emphasize that something recently happened
  • by a small degree or amount (hardly)

Example sentences

  • It’s over already? We only just got to the party.
  • You're leaving already? But you only just got here 15 minutes ago!
  • It feels like we only just started college and now we're graduating.
  • "We've only just begun" is one of the top hits by the Carpenters.
  • Hurry up and come over. The game only just started a few minutes ago.
  • The doctor's only just arrived because of traffic so unfortunately you'll have to wait at least an hour to see her.
  • My sister only just passed the bar exam on her fifth try.
  • What a waste of time. The last person to interview only just became a teacher a month ago so she has no teaching experience.
  • Once again I only just missed the Olympic marathon trials qualifying time by five seconds.
  • We need to hire some new employees ASAP. We're only just managing to fulfill order.
  • I'm a faster swimmer than my sister, but only just.


recently meaning:

  • just barely
  • just now
  • a short time ago

by a small amount/degree:

  • not by much
  • not quite
  • by a whisker
  • just barely

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