Idiom:  one up (on something/someone)


Idiom:  one up (on something/someone)

  • to have an advantage over someone/something

Example sentences

  • This information is going to give me a one up over my competitors.
  • Being a lot taller gave me a one up on most of the other guys trying out for the basketball team.
  • We're investing a lot in training to help us get a one up on the competition.
  • Paying a higher salary and better benefits gives us a one up when hiring new college graduates.
  • Rich kids have a one up over their peers in lower-income schools so it's hard to say everyone has a fair chance.
  • My parents always helped me with my homework so I had a one up in class.
  • Being able to travel with a coach gives the top tennis players a one up over the rest.
  • She had a one up taking steroids until she finally got busted and lost all of her medals.
  • I'm open to doing any training that will give me a one up on the competition.

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