Idiom:  one and the same


Idiom:  one and the same

  • used to emphasize two things or people are actually the same

Example sentences

— FaceTime and Skype are practically one and the same except you don’t need an Apple device to use Skype.

— These two brands are one and the same but this one is a lot less expensive.

— Yes, I can highly recommend someone to handle your accounting.  In fact, you already know him since my brother and my accountant are actually one and the same.

— A:  This is your coach? B:  Yes, my father and coach are one and the same!

— The company's designer and CEO are one and the same.

— John and I finally parted ways. I had a difficult time representing him as a client since our interests were not one and the same.

— You're twins? Oh my goodness, I thought you were one and the same!

— They told me these brands were one and the same but after trying both I can confidently say the other one is far better.

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