Idiom:  one after the other


Idiom:  one after the other / one after another

  • one thing is followed by the next person or thing

Example sentences

  • We need to solve this problem quickly because the complaints are coming in one after the other.
  • She dates new guys one after another because she only likes the excitement of falling in love.
  • We've had one problem after the other with this new car.
  • My sister had seven kids one after another and now she's permanently exhausted.
  • I sent out resumes one after the other and still didn't get a job so I went back to grad school instead.
  • Your son has had behavioral problems one after another this school year. Is something going on at home that we should know about?
  • You'll be signing autographs one after the other for several hours so please don't write or type a lot this evening or tomorrow morning.
  • The ducks followed their mother one after another across the road and up the curb.
  • The first days of the tournament are fantastic. You can watch matches one after the other from 11:00 am until about midnight.


  • one by one
  • back to back

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