Idiom:  on short notice


Idiom:  (on/with) short notice

  • with a brief amount of warning

Example sentences

— I told my boss that I was really sorry but I wouldn’t be able to work this weekend on such short notice.

— You can’t expect me to always be able to help you on short notice like this.

— Luckily, although it was short notice, I got the message in time to get here.

— I know it's short notice but do you want to go to the opera tonight? My coworker gave me tickets.

— We got to the hospital with short notice but made it before my daughter-in-law gave birth to our grandson.

— I wish I could go to the beach but I can't get off work with such short notice.

— I was transferred to Hong Kong with such short notice my wife had to stay behind for a couple of months to get our house packed up and rented.

— Do you think we could possibly pull together a two-day conference with such short notice?

— You'll be very lucky to find a nice venue for your wedding reception on short notice.


  • at a moment's notice
  • just like that
  • on the spur of the moment

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