Idiom:  on hand


Idiom:  on hand

  • something that is immediately available

Example sentences

— The new fire station has two fire trucks on hand to handle any emergencies.

— Please call us today—our experienced financial advisers are on hand to provide free consultations.

— We always keep a supply batteries on hand for our flashlights and small electronics.

— Please make sure you have sufficient cash on hand for purchases because not all stores accept credit cards.

— We'll have 25 volunteers on hand to help set up for the festival.

— Do you happen to have anyone on hand to jump start my car?

— Let's make sure that we have an extra coffee urn and cups on hand in case more attendees sign up at the last minute.

— Don't worry, the hotel has a generator on hand if the power goes out.


  • at one's command
  • at one's disposal

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