Idiom:  on a shoestring


Idiom:  on a shoestring

  • with very little money or a very small budget

Example sentences

  • I got a second job because the stress of living on a shoestring was killing me.
  • My dad thinks all artists live on a shoestring so he was surprised when my first painting sold for $4,500.
  • We were on a shoestring while backpacking through Europe last summer.
  • I wish I could go to your bachelorette party but I'm on a shoestring.
  • It won't be easy but we can live on a shoestring until you get a job and avoid getting into debt.
  • When you're young, living on a shoestring really isn't that difficult.
  • I charged our hotel to my credit card. I wasn't going to experience Paris on a shoestring.
  • Before we got married we lived on a shoestring, often eating spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches.
  • We survived on a shoestring for two years when my father lost his job.


  • pinch pennies
  • tighten one's belt

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