Idiom:  on a diet


Idiom:  on a diet

  • eating particular types and/or amounts of food (especially to lose weight or for medical reasons)

Example sentences

— I’m on a low sodium diet since my doctor said my blood pressure is very high.

— Sorry I can’t eat any of your birthday cake—I’m on a diet again.

— I've be on every diet from Atkins to the watermelon diet. I regained the weight every time.

— We're on the 5:2 diet and we like it so much we're going to continue doing a light fast two days a week.

— I'm tired of always being on a diet to lose weight. I'm going to see a nutritionist.

— After the holidays I'm happy to go on a diet. I feel disgusted with everything I've been eating.

— My girlfriend is always on some kind of diet. It's sad.

— My doctor wants me to go on a Mediterranean diet, which is fine by me.

— Let me guess. You're on a crash diet again?

— We had to put our dog on a diet so please don't feed her any treats.


  • watching what you eat
  • on a crash / starvation diet

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