Idiom:  off the mark


Idiom:  off the mark

  • not accurate or wrong

Example sentences

  • His comments were off the mark—or else recent studies have proven his theory wrong.
  • When you said I looked angry you were not off the mark.
  • His final shot was off the mark and he lost the competition.
  • The weather forecast was completely off the mark—I wish we hadn't canceled the picnic.
  • Believe me, everything she says is off the mark.
  • Political polling has been off the mark on occasion but typically it's been reliable.
  • Our social media campaign was way off the mark and upset a lot of our customers.
  • That statement is way off the mark and we have the facts to prove it.
  • What should we do since the figures are so off the mark?


  • off course
  • off target
  • wide of the mark

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