Idiom:  off base


Idiom:  off base

  • wrong, not correct

Example sentences

— You're way off base if you think you can graduate from college without studying.

— Unfortunately, the financial projections were completely off base and we don't have enough money left to complete the project. 

— We were off base with our estimates for our wedding so we decided to elope instead.

— These numbers are off base. Please check the formulas in Excel to make sure there aren't any errors.

— Temperatures in California are way off base for this time of year.

— My supervisor's evaluation of my work performance is off base so I've officially complained to human resources.

— It seems my initial evaluation of the project was off base and it will take at least 6 months longer to implement it.

— It's fine to disagree but the manner in which you speak with your colleagues is off base so I'd like you to attend a training to help you improve in this area.

— Attacking politicians' children is way off base. In the UK they cannot even show the kids faces.


  • out of line
  • way off

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