Idiom:  not take kindly to something / someone


Idiom:  not take kindly to something / someone

  • to be annoyed by something/someone
  • to not be pleased by something/someone

Example sentences

  • I don’t take kindly to young people who speak to me by my first name at the grocery store.
  • He doesn’t take kindly to anyone who criticizes  him even when their comments can help him.
  • I did not take kindly to my manager’s suggestion that I wear more makeup and jewelry.
  • My dog did not take kindly to the new diet dog food the vet recommended.
  • I really don't take kindly to my babysitter playing around with my expensive makeup so I had to talk to her about it.
  • I doubt the director will take kindly to your suggestions.
  • My mom doesn't take kindly to my advice about her cooking.
  • Most parents don't take kindly to unsolicited parenting advice.
  • Many cultures don't take kindly to compliments about their children—they're afraid you're giving them "the evil eye."
  • We didn't take kindly to the loud people on the flight.
  • Usually my niece doesn't take kindly when I give her money but nowadays she practically asks for it.


  • get your knickers in a twist
  • get your dander up

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