Idiom:  not one’s day


Idiom:  not one’s day

  • a difficult day with a lot of problems

Example sentences

— It’s not my day.  There was lots of traffic, I was late for work, my boss yelled at me and I got a parking ticket.

— Sorry, Johnny is sleeping right now and can't come to the phone. It just wasn't his day at school today so he came home very upset and went straight to bed.

— Monday's are just not my day.  Something always goes wrong. 

— Yesterday just wasn't my day. Someone hit my car the night before and didn't leave a note and then I hit another car pulling out of the parking lot.

— My boss just yelled at me to come into her office immediately. I have a feeling this is not going to be my day.

— You might want to come back with that request tomorrow; today is not the director's day.

— It's never my day when I have to travel out of Chicago O'Hare Airport.

— A second parking ticket? Today is just not my day.

— A:  "You look awful! I'm guessing it's not your day today?" B:  "Not my day? Are you kidding?  It's not my month!"


  • just one of those days

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