Idiom:  not half bad


Idiom:  not half bad

  • good enough
  • reasonably good

Example sentences

— Let's eat in the university cafeteria. The food is not half bad and the price is great.

— The movie we wanted to see was sold out so we saw a romantic comedy instead and it actually wasn't half bad.

— My mom’s pasta dishes are not half bad but she makes terrible desserts.

— She doesn’t look half bad when she wears makeup.

— There are cookies in the kitchen and they're not half bad. Do you know who made them?

— The first draft of the report isn't half bad but we definitely need to support the thesis with some empirical research.

— The first time I played tennis I wasn't half bad but I'd like to take lessons this summer.

— My new school isn't half bad. The people are nice but I really miss my friends.

— The soup isn't half bad but it needs more salt and pepper.

— Everyone says McDonald's coffee isn't half-bad but I still prefer Dunkin Donuts'.

— I rented an SUV this past weekend and it wasn't half bad but I definitely will purchase a regular sedan instead.

— I'm not half bad with Microsoft Word but Excel is my specialty and I know how to use all of the advanced features.

— The concert wasn't half bad but we were disappointed the band didn't play more of their greatest hits.

— Our seats at the theater weren't half bad and the play was outstanding.

— The bus ride wasn't half bad and it was much cheaper than taking the train.

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