Idiom:  not believe one's ears


Idiom:  not believe one's ears

  • to be very surprised about something you hear

Example sentences

  • When the doctor said I was four month's pregnant, I couldn't believe my ears.
  • Our children couldn't believe their ears when we told them we're getting a puppy this weekend. 
  • We couldn't believe our ears when the director said we didn't get funding and the organization will close by the end of the month.
  • I couldn't believe my ears when my daughter announced she had eloped over the weekend.
  • No one could believe their ears when I said I'd won the lottery.
  • You will not believe your ears!  I sat next to Angelina Jolie on the flight from New York to Paris and she was such a kind person.
  • I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the Twin Towers had fallen in New York City.
  • My husband couldn't believe his ears when his secretary told him his boss was spreading lies about him.


  • one's jaw drops (open)
  • be gobsmacked

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