Idiom:  no laughing matter


Idiom:  no laughing matter

  • something that is serious and not a joke

Example sentences

  • Throwing a pencil at your teacher is no laughing matter and therefore we’ve decided to give you a 3-day suspension.
  • High blood pressure is no laughing matter. You’ve got to reduce stress and stop smoking.
  • Putting dog poop in our neighbor's mailbox is no laughing matter. You're grounded!
  • Sexual harassment is no laughing matter so I'm glad the "Me too" movement has finally arrived.
  • It will be no laughing matter if I fail the test and lose my scholarship.
  • Your getting drunk every single night is no laughing matter. Perhaps you need help.
  • President Trump's lies are no laughing matter to the majority of Americans.
  • I don't understand how anyone thinks a blizzard means there's no global warming.  Climate change is no a laughing matter.
  • You don't understand.  Getting zero likes on my Facebook posts is no laughing matter.


  • is not funny

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