Idiom:  no joke


Idiom:  no joke

  • used to say something is a serious matter (and not something to laugh about)

Example sentences

— I’m sorry but this is no joke—I suggest you stop laughing and listen to me carefully or I’ll call your parents.

— If you're planning on studying economics you need to understand it's no joke and you'll have to study a lot to do well.

— No joke, my professor was caught naked with a student in his classroom and they've put him on leave pending an investigation.

— I swear this is no joke: my sister won the 200 million Powerball lottery last night.

— Your grades this semester are no joke. If you want to continue to play sports, you'll need to get all A's and B's on your midterm exams.

— That rash I got was no joke. The doctor has ordered additional tests and it's possible I may have Lyme disease.

— No joke, my dad got a new job and we're moving to Greece in July.

— You think this is funny?  Bullying someone who's got a disability is no joke and the student you harassed tried to take his life last night.

No joke, I got engaged at the amusement park. We're going to get married next summer.

— When will people wake up? Global warming and climate change are no joke.


  • no laughing matter

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