Idiom:  next to


Idiom:  next to

  • almost, nearly; practically
  • in comparison with (compared to)
  • following in order or degree

Note:  We also know that next to means something is beside something else or physically to the side of something.  (e.g., I parked my car next to a black Ferrari.)

Example sentences

almost, nearly; practically:

  • Uh-oh, the next few days will be difficult. I have next to nothing in my bank account and don’t get paid for another week.
  • The traffic was so bad it took us next to two hours to drive three miles.
  • You'll need next to a 3.5 grade point average to get into that university.
  • We saw next to 10 bears during our hikes this summer.
  • Becoming a professional athlete is next to impossible so my backup plan is accounting.
  • I knew next to nothing about making videos when I first started posting on YouTube but now I have 350,000 subscribers.

in comparison with (compared to)

  • Well, yeah, next to my Aunt Bertha, everyone looks like a super model.
  • Sorry, nothing is important next to my two dogs.
  • Next to you, I'm a genius in math.

following in order or degree of importance

  • Next to shopping, my favorite hobby is reading fashion magazines.
  • Next to Italian food, we also love Japanese cuisine and sushi.
  • Next to eating well, getting 7-8 hours of sleep is vital for your health.


  • just about
  • pretty much
  • within an ace of doing something

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