Idiom:  next to nothing


Idiom:  next to nothing

  • almost nothing
  • very little

Example sentences

— Before my grandmother died, she weighed next to nothing and they had to feed her with a tube.

— You won’t believe this but this purse cost me next to nothing—it was on sale for 60% off.

— If you consider all the time I need to prepare my lessons and grade homework, I make next to nothing per hour teaching English.

— There was next to nothing left on the buffet table when I arrived at the conference so I had to run out quickly and get a sandwich before the afternoon session.

— We've been preparing all week for the wedding so there's next to nothing left to do except reconfirm the caterer and photographer tomorrow.

— I wish I could go shopping with you but I've got next to nothing in my bank account until I get paid next Friday.

— You've done next to nothing on your paper so you need to work on it tonight.

— The bad news is the doctor found cancer. The good news is the nodule was next to nothing and didn't spread.


  • only just

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