Idiom:  meet one’s match


Idiom:  meet one’s match

  • to find someone who is equal in ability, skill, etc.

Example sentences

  • My brother always thought girls weren’t as smart but he's finally met his match with his new girlfriend.
  • The first rounds of the tournament were easy but in the quarter finals we met our match  and lost by 2 points.
  • I think everyone was surprised when the number one seed met her match in the first round of the tournament.
  • My brother is so arrogant but he's met his match with the new kid at school.
  • I hope we do meet our match in this competition. We only reach great heights when we're challenged.
  • My boss was so used to being the one with the best ideas that he was upset when he met his match and had to share the spotlight.
  • I think I met my match today and I'm not sure I'll get the lead in the musical this time.

  • Sarah was always the most beautiful girl on campus but with Melanie's arrival, she's met her match.


  • measure up to
  • on par with

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