Idiom:  max out (max something out)


Idiom:  max out (max something out)

  • to reach the limit of something
  • to reach a threshold where no further progress, achievement, etc. is possible

Example sentences

— I think I’ll just read a book. I’m maxed out on going out for a while.

— I’m applying for a new credit card because all the ones I have are maxed out.

— I've maxed out what my brain can hold for tomorrow's exam and I'm going to go to sleep.

— After watching all of Season 5 of Games of Thrones this weekend, I'm maxed out on television for awhile.

— You've maxed out our line of credit again?  Buying what?

— You're going to max out your mother's patience of you keep making so much noise.

— My mother maxed out at 199 lbs and finally decided to start taking care of her health.

— We're maxed out on studying and are going to the gym to work out.

— I maxed out these shoes until the sole started coming apart. It's time for a new pair.

— I've maxed out on green smoothies now after drinking them daily for a year.


  • swallow up
  • go through
  • finish up
  • use up

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