Idiom:  map out something


Idiom:  map out something (map something out)

  • create a detailed plan for something

Example sentences

— During the next hour we need to map out the topics and production schedule for the newsletter for the rest of the year.

— I always like to map out the general route for my trips but allow plenty of time to explore places after I get there.

— In many countries you have to map out your life in junior high, deciding exactly what type of work you'll do when you grow up.

— We need to map out this trip to Africa to make sure we have enough money to do a safari.

— After the instructor mapped out the course, I dropped out because I hate working on group projects.

— Could you map out the fundraising strategy at tomorrow's staff meeting?

— Now that we've got the plan mapped out, let's start assigning tasks and due dates to the team.

— I thought I had mapped everything out correctly before I started this business but I've missed several very  important steps.

— The strategy you mapped out to get more subscribers on your mailing list is truly genius.


  • look ahead
  • think / plan ahead
  • sort out

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