Idiom:  make or break (someone / something)


Idiom:  make or break (someone / something)

  • to cause something to succeed or fail

Example sentences

— This internship at the law firm this summer will make or break my opportunity to join a big firm after graduation.

— Whatever test score I get on the SAT will make or break my chances for getting into a good college.

— Don’t think this audition will make or break your acting career—there will be other chances if this doesn’t go well.

— I hate my boss but I'm always really nice to him because he can make or break my career at the company.

— Don't be so nervous. Whether this interview makes or breaks this job opportunity, it will not ruin your chances to work overseas.

— They say Joining the Peace Corps will either make or break you, so hopefully I'll see you again in two years and not two months.

— Not to increase the pressure but this fundraiser will either make or break us.

— I knew this tournament would either make or break me so I'm glad I focused all my attention on my game for the past six months.

— We're really nervous about this launch. It will either make or break this company.

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